Business Blogging for SEO

Business Blogging for SEO


This post will cover using your blog to increase the rankings of your website and the number of visitors to your blog posts.

I am going to make the assumption that you know what keywords are within SEO and that you have already optimised on site – that is your website has been fully optimised.  If not that is the first place to start and the area where you can make the greatest gains quickly for a very high return on investment.

I am hoping that you have used your main keywords in your home page title tag – the most important bit of real estate on your whole site.  And that you have the rest of your keywords setup to be aligned with the rest of the pages on your site.

Internal Linking

Use your blog posts to link to the main pages on your site that you want to rank highly in the search engines – normally this should be about 95% of the pages on your site.  So you have the list of keywords that you are optimising for your whole site in a spreadsheet with the page that it refers to listed beside them.  I do this just for easy of use, so when I publish this blog post I will list the date published, the URL, the title, and the keywords all in the one line.

When I am writing a blog post I am looking to link back to other pages or post within my site at least twice and to one, (at least), page out side of my site.  For example look above to see the hyperlink on the word SEO – this links to my home page, this SEO course links to my page on SEO courses, and this WordPress Training to the page I am setting up for a WordPress training course.

When you create these types of links within your site you are affectively telling Google what the page is about and giving a vote from the post back to these pages.  However do over do it.

Mix Up the Anchor Text

It is easy to over optimise a website.  When that happens you can be in for a long wait before you get out of the Google penalty.  So be carefully with the anchor text.

Hopefully you know what anchor text is, if not get used to knowing because for link building it is crucial.  Anchor text is the text that is contained within the hyperlink – e.g. Google Ireland – this text will help that link rank for the search term Google Ireland – not that it needs any help.

So reflecting back to my internal links above.  The SEO link helps the page it is linked to and helps it rank for the search term SEO.  Same with the SEO course link, it has the right anchor text and is linked to the page on my site that I want to rank for the phrase.

BUT, and a big but here – MIX UP THE TEXT – I really feel like I need to shout this loud.  Don’t use the same text all the time – sometimes for my home page I will have SEO Dublin, SEO Ireland, Online Marketing, and many more.

Don’t over optimise it is not natural and natural is what Google would like to see.

Using Pictures

image Use photos, pictures, and images in your blog posts.  It looks better and people will read more and pay more attention than just a large block of text.  Remember to add alt text to the image.

Break up your posts with headings, try to use lists and bullet points, make the page easy to scan.

When you write a blog post try to make it lengthy, blog posts of 100 – 300 words easily drop off Google’s index after a while.  Therefore these posts are not helping long term.  I prefer to have a min word count of 350 words and even then I think it is cutting it close on long term indexing.

I plan the next post to be on using your Analytics to find ideas for blog posts and rank higher where you already rank.

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