How to Create a Small Business Digital Marketing Plan

A digital marketing plan is simply a plan that you will follow for a period of time to promote your business online. The idea behind creating a plan is sound, however deciding what to include can sometimes be daunting. The following will illustrate a simple online marketing plan that will fit most small company budgets. This plan is aimed at business to business companies, usually in services area.  Digital planning for B2C will take a bit more work. Decide on Your Budget [...]

How to Pick an SEO Company

I ran into this problem recently, not how to find a SEO company but how to find a graphic designer, I mentioned it to a few people and I searched, of course, online.  I looked at all the companies and thought “where do I start?”  I don’t want to be hassled with sales calls from companies that I approach.  I looked at some of the site designs and knew they were not for me. Eventually I went with a referral [...]

Cheap SEO – Is that what you want?

First off, no I don’t offer cheap SEO and this is not an ad for cheap services.  In fact I have a philosophical problem with any business that brands their services as cheap. Recently a client told me that their current SEO provider was cheaper and that they had various quotes that were also cheaper than my price.  So why did they engage me? Recommendations This is where all my new clients have come from during the last couple of years, so [...]

Five Questions to Ask an SEO Before You Hire Them

SEO has become a dirty word as of late. With Google increasing its efforts to combat those using suspicious and manipulative practices, the rest of the industry has come under fire as well. Finding a great SEO agency that uses effective and ethical techniques is more important than ever. Before you hire an SEO agency, ask them these five questions. 1) How do you stay up to date with industry news? SEO is an ever evolving practice. Today’s best practices are [...]

SEO is Doing Not Reading

How many SEO blogs do you read?  What about SEO forums, books, training courses? I have been amazed at how much time is wasted in the online marketing arena.  People I know just read, and read, and read… Nike got it right with the slogan “just do it” – however not many people do. I own and run about 50 websites in various different niches.  This is far too much for one person to run without help.  Recently I decided to offer [...]