On Page SEO

Google SEO Guide for Beginners

With all the negative news about Google SEO, you might think that Google does not recommend SEO. However, Google recommends SEO for your website – you can read the full documents here and here. This post is a synopsis of Google’s SEO guide for beginners. Google’s documentation is a 32 page guide – this is shorter and concise. Put Your Users First Often too much priority is optimising for Google and not for visitors.  This is the wrong way around.  Always optimise your [...]

Keyword Research for SEO and Adwords

Keyword research is the most important element in any SEO campaign. Google’s search results are based on keywords. Type them in, get the results. No research = no dependable keywords, no title tags, unfocused blog calendar, missing opportunities. Keyword research done right = easy planning, a list of content titles, services or products laser targeted, and security from knowing you are investing wisely. It is great being at the top of the search results.  But you can be at the top of Google’s search results [...]

SEO Keyword Research for Adwords & Organic Search

Great keyword research will take a few days and will use several tools and will examine your competitors websites.  I prefer to start not with the various keyword tools but with a blank sheet of paper. Initially I want to just think about the words and phrases that people might use to look for me, my products, or services using Google.  If you company uses a receptionist to answer the phone ask them what people ask for when they call.  [...]

How To Make Sure Your New Web Design Keeps Your Old SEO

As many small businesses now know, SEO is no easy task. It takes a lot of time, a lot of money, and a lot of patience. Moral of the story, you don’t want to create an SEO strategy and earn results only to have them disappear and force you to start over. Unfortunately, this is what sometimes happens when a company chooses to redesign its website. It’s never on purpose, but when you’re visiting the SERP where you used [...]

Should You Use Google’s New Disavow Tool?

Yes. I do have to qualify that a bit.  If your website is newish, less than two years old, you shouldn’t have to use this.  However it is worth checking what your backlink profile looks like and if there is much spam there, an easy way to check is in Google Webmaster Tools. See the full article on SEL here about the announcement from Matt Cutts on this tool. The History of Backlinks and the Need for this Tool Links are the largest [...]

SEO Metrics – Is Your SEO Working?

As an SEO consultant I am always looking to prove my worth and the return the client has gained from my services.  It is too easy to hide behind rankings and say “well you wanted page 1 for that keyword” – but really was that the best for the client, for the searcher, for yourself? One of the biggest problems for me is verifying that a new sale or client came from the web through natural search, from Adwords, or [...]

Organising SEO Tasks for Small Businesses

This is a question asked by Brian from http://www.bjp.ie/ on our Facebook page. Getting into a daily, weekly, monthly system of SEO tasks. Also getting a template for organising link building management. And lastly, wondering how much time should a small insurance broker invest in SEO we are totally new to the game. If you really want to profit from the investment you made in your website there is ongoing work that is never complete.   The work is intensive at the [...]

Using Google Analytics to Find Ideas for Blog Posts

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with ideas for blog posts.  However there are a couple of ways that Google can help with this.  I covered some of this information regarding Google Webmaster Tools in this post.  It has become essential that you have Google Webmaster Tools installed on your site. Google Analytics This is the most popular analytics software used on websites.  There are others and some will just use the stats from their server.  Google Analytics is [...]

Business Blogging for SEO

This post will cover using your blog to increase the rankings of your website and the number of visitors to your blog posts. I am going to make the assumption that you know what keywords are within SEO and that you have already optimised on site – that is your website has been fully optimised.  If not that is the first place to start and the area where you can make the greatest gains quickly for a very high return [...]

How to Choose Keywords for Title Tags

I want to differentiate between title tags and page heading.  Page heading are the heading that you see on the page of a web site.  You cannot see title tags on the page, you can see title tags in the background code of the website, in the top left of the browser window – and it is the line of text that you click on in the search results. What is the page about? That is the first thing to ask [...]