How to Choose Keywords for Title Tags

How to Choose Keywords for Title Tags

I want to differentiate between title tags and page heading.  Page heading are the heading that you see on the page of a web site.  You cannot see title tags on the page, you can see title tags in the background code of the website, in the top left of the browser window – and it is the line of text that you click on in the search results.

What is the page about?

That is the first thing to ask about the key phrases that will be used on the page.  Quite often this can be looked at from the other way around if you have not written any content yet – start with the key words and write content around them – many blogs and large sites would work like this, especially after examining their own analytics key word referrals.

An Example

I run an SEO business, so I would like to rank for SEO, SEO Ireland, Search Engine Optimisation, and a few others on the home page.

Go after you have this little brain storming session to Google External Keywords Tool.  Start by entering your keywords, drill down to exact match and export the results to excel.  Do this for all the key words from your brain storming.

Sort all the excel pages by volume of traffic and measure how relevant to your business that traffic is.  It is sometimes better to be listed for Makeup School rather than just make up – even though there is a lot more people and volume of traffic for makeup.  The reason for this is simple: who is you customer?  The conversion is much better on less generic key phrases, so adding supplier, city name, or county name helps to be more specific and make ranking for these terms much easier.

Search Terms V Competition

As you find the highest search terms that are relevant check what the competition is.  Are you able to compete in the key word area?  So for example if I was starting an SEO company in the UK I would not waste my time trying to rank for SEO for a few years, I would first start with something that I have a chance of ranking for, e.g. SEO city name.

Continue to go in a circle between the keyword terms and the competition.  Once you are down to 2/3 key word phrases use them in your title tag – make sure the phrases are part of the page content and mentioned at least once.

Then do this for every page on your site…

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