LINK Network SEO Training for Small Business Websites

LINK Network SEO Training for Small Business Websites

First this is all very easy is you are using a content management system like WordPress.  CMS make it easy to make the changes that we will need to make to let Google know what your site is all about.

Duplicate content: never use content on your site that has been published elsewhere on the web, this will effect the ranking of the whole site.  Don’t use duplicate content for anything.  If you have pdf’s of content that is shown on a web page, dis-allow this content in the robots file.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the names for words people use to search in Google.

The only real way in Ireland to see the search volume for keywords is Google.

There are two ways to use the Google keyword tool.  Enter your keywords and Google will provide a list of related words.

Or enter the url of a website, and Google will list keywords it thinks are relevant to this website.  Obviously do this with your own site and with your competitions sites.

On the left hand menu there is this option

Unclick the broad, as this will be the default setting, and click on exact match.  You will notice that the search number drop dramatically.  But what this gives is the exact match of searchers each month on these keywords.

Use the download function and create spreadsheets that you can sort with your list of keywords.

Do this for every page on your website.  Bear in mind that the keywords you use must be rewlevant to each page.


On Site Use

There are two areas that you have complete control over when your website turns up in the search engines.

Page titles: these are the first line you see above, they are listed by Google in the search results.  Under this is your url.

The page titles are the most important single item on every webpage.  This is where you use the keywords from your keyword research.  The page title must be different on every page and relevant to that particular page.

Under the url is the description.  You have control of what appears here, it is not used for SEO purposes but should be written as a marketing text to encourage searchers to click on your site.

Changes to both the titles and description can often have a very good impact on a site that has not yet proper titles; however links are required to really push your site in the Google rankings.


Easy Link Building

I would like you to build 10 links and see the impact this has on your site.

But first you have to be able to measure this.  Use the browser Firefox and the download and install from SEO the Rank Checker Plug-in. You will have to register on the site to download this.

Once you install, right click on the icon and select options.  Choose Ireland as one of your search engines for Google and any other markets you compete in.  Add your domain name with the http://, but no trailing / at the end.  Add your keywords and save the project with a name.

You can export the results from Rank Checker into a csv file and keep a record on a month to month basis.

Anchor text is the text contained within a hyperlink, like Cube Online Marketing – that is anchor text.  In many situations you can control what this anchor text is.

Having too many of the same anchor text can get your website banned or penalised in Google.

So for the 10 links we will build only 4 will have the main anchor text for your home page.

  • 4 Links main anchor text
  • 3 use domain url
  • 3 Use site name

Link Sites – kind of hard to find on the site.  Join LINK or one of their other networks and get listed on their site. – once you add your site, or if your site is already there add all the information about your site and links back to your site, you have to email them using an email address from your domain to get a follow link. – write a review of your company and link back within the review. – nothing to say about your own business.  It would be a good idea if you did.  You only get a link back as the domain name. – again press release. – if you are not a member here ask your web designer or SEO company if they are and if they will publish something about your company. – join fill out your profile – remember to fill in domain name and participate a bit. – this page lists a lot of the Irish Directories.  The list is a bit out of date, but it still seems to be the best list of Irish Directories.

But the best way to get links is from each other.  Hopefully you all have a blog on your site.  Link to each other, write a post about tonight and mention a few of the people you know or have met.

All the best



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