Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Submission

Launching a new website is great experience. Normally a lot of hard work has gone into the process. The design, the writing, getting the image and tone right – and then the site gets no visitors…

One of the first things to do with a new site is add an analytics packages, this way you can see where visitors come from, how long they stay, and if they are heading to your contact us page. This however will not help with indexing.

Most who use search engine submission services are a step back from seeing their visitor numbers. It is not hard to get the search engine to index your website. It can be done in two ways. either submit your URL to the search engine directly – here you can submit to Google -there is nothing wrong with doing this, however it is not the most efficient way of getting your new website indexed.

The web works on the basis of links and it is a good idea with any new site to get a few good links.  The first I would suggest is the person who designed your website, ask them to link directly to it from their site – from a testimonial page or such.

Here a few places to submit your site to help with indexing.

  • Press Release sites (Irish Press Release website)
  • Directories – Chose some good ones – List of Irish Web Directories
  • Article Directories – a search will turn up a few
  • Social bookmarking site – don’t spam them as it will not help in the long term.
  • Blog comments – again don’t spam, add to the conversation
  • Ask your suppliers from links from their site

These are a few to start with.  In these situations it is worth asking the advice of an SEO Consultant, they will be able to do this fairly easily and quickly and at the same time they can give advice on the amount of links you need to rank, how long they think it will take and other steps you can take until that happens.

Building links will be the core activity to get your website listing well in the search engines, however for a new website this will take some time no matter how many links a site has.

Using a search engine submission service does not guarantee being indexed and is generally considered a waste of money, the process of submitting to all these search engine takes about 2 minutes using an automated program.  Links are core to the success of your website and the search engine submission service does not provide this.

Call me, Leslie Gilmour, today to for help with promoting your website or any indexing problems.

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