So You Want to Increase Your Rankings in Google?

So You Want to Increase Your Rankings in Google?

First off, we all want this – this should give you the idea that everyone in your niche is competing with you.  However there are some methods recommended by Google to increase your rankings.  And then there are some methods that are frowned on by Google which will also increase your ranking – however don’t get caught.

SEO That Google Recommends, most of these are quite simple:

  • Create good informative page titles
  • Do the same with meta descriptions
  • Ensure the structure of your site can be crawled by Google

All of this is quite easy and should never take too long, just get your keyword research right and don’t over optimise the titles as it won’t help.


The following are also recommended by Google:

  1. Offer good or great content and services
  2. Write good anchor text for internal links
  3. Optimise your images
  4. Use the correct optimised heading tags

Google Bullshit

From the above list I have no issue with 3 and 4, they are straight forward.

However the Google bull of the last few year is “write great content and it will rank” – this is rubbish.  Ranking in general has nothing to do with great content.  If you write great content and publish it on your site and wait for Google to rank it or send you visitors you will starve.

Also over doing it with internal anchors is risky.

The Truth About Google Rankings

Everyone knows that a site is never going to rank without links.  This is why Google fights so hard to spread fear among webmasters, (FUD).  Paid links will get your site torched, guest posts will be considered spam soon, press releases are considered paid links and therefore all links need to be no-followed.

The web listens closely to Matt Cutts and what other Googlers have to say about search.  Please understand that these people work for the one of the world’s most profitable company.  Share price is important and share price does really rise and fall on the back of Google Adwords – drops in ad sales = drop in share prices.

This is why Google hates SEO

Learn to Play the Google Game

Once you understand the above, to succeed you must learn to play the Google game.  Get links and don’t get caught using certain methods.

When you write a guest post don’t have all the links in the bio at the bottom – they are so easy to spot and devalue.  And don’t for goodness sake don’t write guest post in the bio; please hit me over the head with a stick.

Article directories do still work – but be careful which ones you use and stay away from optimising anchor text.

Directories still work, but only local and about 20 or 30 of the big ones worldwide.

Understand that too many links too quickly will get you a special email from Google.  We’ve caught you it says in different terms.  Getting out of that mess takes a while, maybe forever.  As Matt Cutts says you might want to build another website – that is the kind of risk that is now on the table.

One major thing to bear in mind with SEO.  You can get crap sites and content into the first page of Google.  But user data will have it bounce right out again.  Build decent sites and listen to Google with a box of salt.

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