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Google Penguin Update

UPDATE: According to Google the last manual update of Google Penguin started on Friday 23rd September 2016.  So far, I have not seen any effect in any Irish websites or SERPs that I am tracking, it may take a few weeks for the full roll out of the integrated algorithm. After many years of waiting for Panda and Penguin updates they will now run as part of the core algorithm.  It will be interesting to see if there are recoveries [...]

The Cost of Links & Link Building

Links cost. It is that simple, there is no such thing as a free link. It is going to cost you time or money. So what is best for you – time or money? Why You Need Links from Other Websites A huge part of Google’s algorithm is based on the idea of citations used at universities.  When writing essays at university I had to provide sources and links to authority work that backed up my argument.  Google’s two founders took this model [...]

Travel SEO

Have you launched your travel site, but the visitor numbers are disappointing?  Or maybe your web site has been up for a while and you need to get more converting visitors. Travel SEO is no different from any other search optimisation and Google recommends SEO for all websites to help them understand the information on the site. I have worked with many travel websites since 2006 and the following are some of the issues I find, addressing these are the first [...]

Negative SEO is Alive and Working – Thank Google

Let’s not kid ourselves; there has always been a possibility for negative SEO.  Our problem is that Google has turned it into a valid way to beat the competition and a new SEO service on offer. If you don’t believe that negative SEO is possible – have a look at these: SEO Book post, a Guardian article, and here at SEOmoz. What are the Negatives? Negative SEO is a combination of links from untrusted sources and highly optimised anchor text. It is [...]

Brand Killed by SEO Link Building

It is always easy to complain about other SEO companies and the tactics they use with client sites, because of that I have never written a post about any other SEO company – this one is no different. However I want to highlight the issues with your brand and domain name in the new world of Google Penguin. Domain Name is Now Useless I was asked to review a site this week, I discovered quickly that the site has been penalised by [...]