Social Media

Increase Your Visitors Using a Content Audit and Re-Writing

Would you like more traffic to your website without having to think about new blog post ideas or building more links? Coming up with ideas to write about can be difficult. I want to make your life a bit easier while at the same time increasing the traffic to your website. It does involve work – unfortunately, in SEO there are no easy, work free fixes – no matter what you might read. This post is aimed at my clients who have [...]


Social Media for Accountants, Solicitors, and Insurance Brokers

So the boss attends a financial services event, hears that LinkedIn and Twitter are really valuable platforms to be on, and comes back to the office asking you to get the practice more established on social media. Now it’s your job as the Marketing Manager of the firm to launch the business on social media, and the thing is, you’re just not sure where to begin. It’s an all too common scenario being played out in Accountants, Solicitors, and Insurance [...]