List of Digital Marketing Events in Ireland in 2018

Digital marketing and its innumerable subdivisions are some of the most turbulent aspects of modern business and if you wish to stay in the loop, you really have to be fully committed. It feels that every day, a new tactic is discovered, a new tool makes its appearance, a new agency comes up with something paradigm-changing, and the list goes on and on.

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If you wish to stay on top of all things SEO & digital marketing, you have only one choice – to be where things happen. In other words, you need to attend events, keep your eyes open for conferences, seminars, meet-ups and the like; as well as keep track of the biggest digital marketing awards.

Only by staying in touch with the people in your industry can you hope to remain relevant.

To that end, we have compiled a list of all of the major digital marketing events in Ireland (Northern Ireland included) in 2018.

Of course, it should be pointed out that many events are still in the planning phase and that this list will be updated as more events are announced.

Marketer of the Year Winning Strategies – January 23rd

On January 23rd, the Association of Advertisers in Ireland and are hosting an event called Winning Strategies for Marketer of the Year 2017. The event will take place at the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin and it will consist of presentations given by 5 big names in Irish marketing.

The first of these is Michael Cullen from, a true Irish marketing legend who launched Marketing Magazine back in 1990 and who has recently turned it into, a daily read for everyone serious about doing marketing in Ireland.

Marketer of the Year ’17 finalist Niall McGrath and Marketer of the Year ’17 winner Brian Higgins will present their respective 2017 campaigns and share some strategy secrets with attendees.

Finally, Barry Dooley and Su Duff from the Association of Advertisers in Ireland will give an overview of the Irish advertising landscape in 2018, as well as talk about GDPR and its future implications for Irish marketers.

CIM Virtual Reality and Marketing – January 23rd

This is probably the least ambitious event on our list, but it is still something that should be interesting to many digital marketers. Namely, it is a presentation/networking event organised by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, providing an overview of virtual reality technology and how it can best be used in marketing.

The event will also include a demo of VR content produced by Retinize, a VR Studio from Belfast.

The event is taking place on January 23rd, at the Old Belfast Telegraph Building.

3XE – February 8th

On February 8th, Croke Park in Dublin will host the 3XE Digital Marketing Conference, featuring 20 carefully picked speakers and 6 workshops aimed at helping professional digital marketers hone their skills and learn new strategies and tactics.

Some of the speakers slated for 2018 3XE include Shalini Sukumar of, Alan Coleman of Wolfgang Digital, Frederique Hugonnet or Pinterest Ireland, Bastian Grimm of Peak Ace AG, Amy McManus of AM Marketing and more than a few others.

3XE conferences have only improved since the first one was held in 2015 and the combination of theoretical and practical knowledge you can get at 3XE is guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding digital marketers.

Digital Media Awards 2018 – February 16th

The Digital Media Awards have become an institution of Irish digital marketing and the 2018 event promises more of the same. Entries are closed, but this does not mean you cannot get involved. The awards ceremony and the events surrounding it are still one of the finest networking opportunities for anyone interested in digital marketing.

The 2018 Digital Media Awards will be held at the Clayton in Dublin, on February 16th, with a panel of judges announcing winners in categories such as Best Agency, Best Brand, Best Collaborative Campaign, Best Conversion Strategy, Best in Data & Analytics, Best Search Campaign, Best Social Media and more.

The panel of judges includes names such as Darragh Doyle, Emmett Ryan, Robert Farrell, Marijana Kay, Dr. Laurent Muzellec, Krishna De, Bryan Duggan and many others.

Tomorrow Lab Presents – February 22nd

The Tomorrow Lab have definitely done their share to help digital marketers in Ireland become better at what they do, and the big part of that work happens during their quarterly events. Their first event in 2018 will take place on February 22nd at LIFE Centre in Belfast.

The event will cover marketing strategy and digital channels, digital PR, content marketing, SEO, influencer marketing and social media.

Speakers will include John McKee from Linkubator, Carolyn Henderson from Bellamianta, Petra Wolsey from Beannchor Group, Emma Hunt from Mills Selig, Grainne Glenny from Netwerk Belfast and The Tommorow Lab’s own Nail Toner.

HBCxMeet Dublin: Bloggers & Brands Networking Event – March 3rd

The Health Bloggers Community is putting together an event for March 3rd, called the HBCxMeet Bloggers & Brands Networking Event and it will be held at the Dean Dublin.

The event is a unique opportunity for health bloggers and Instagrammers to network and discover new brands and products. It will also include a Q&A with a health and wellness blogger who will be answering any and all questions about blogging and interacting with brands.

If you operate in the health and wellness industry (in any digital marketing capacity), you will do well to put this event on your calendar.

DMX Dublin – March 14th

In case you are interested in a more holistic approach to digital marketing and you wish to learn how it crosses over with design and media, then DMX Dublin is just the event for you. The brainchild of the Marketing Institute, DMX Dublin is probably the largest and most important marketing event in Ireland and it will be held on March 14th, at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin.

While speakers for the 2018 DMX Dublin have yet to be announced, in 2017, people from IBM, Cosmopolitan, Google, Lego, HubSpot, ThinkSprint, YouTube, Mondelez, and BBC Worldwide all gave their talks at DMX Dublin.

It is safe to assume that this year’s event will be just as spectacular as last year’s.

Learn Inbound – March 15th

On March 15th, Learn Inbound will organize the Learn Inbound Ireland’s Actionable Inbound Marketing Event at the Academy in Dublin. The name of the conference is a mouthful, but it gives a pretty clear picture of what you can expect – all things inbound marketing and, what is most important, all things actionable.

Besides learning about SEO, content marketing, analytics, web-app optimization and Facebook ads, the event will be a perfect opportunity to network with other inbound marketing professionals from Ireland.

The three speakers slated for the conference are Tom Bennet from Builtvisible, Emily Grossman from MobileMoxie and Susan Wenograd from FiveMill.

eCommerce Expo Ireland – April 17th

On April 17th, you will be able to attend Ireland’s largest ecommerce event, the eCommerce Expo Ireland. The venue is Croke Park in Dublin and the expo is a one-day affair. The eCommerce Expo Ireland will cover pretty much every aspect of running a successful online shop or handling certain aspects of it, such as digital marketing for ecommerce businesses.

Some of the key issues that will be discussed will include the development of ecommerce strategies, understanding the market, harmonizing online and offline, sales conversions, web design, payment methods and shipping, Google AdWords and much, much more.

At the moment, the 2018 speakers have not yet been announced, but judging by the eCommerce Expo Ireland speakers from 2017 (Eric Horgan, Niall Coakley, Neil Fitzpatrick), you can rest assured you will not be disappointed.

AIM Awards – May 17th

The All Ireland Marketing Awards are arguably the most important awards in marketing in Ireland, organized annually by the Marketing Institute of Ireland. The awards ceremony is widely considered to be the Oscars of Irish marketing and there is no reason why the 2018 AIM Awards should be any different.

The closing date for entries is February 8th, the finalists will be announced on March 8th and the Gala Awards Ceremony will take place at the Clayton Hotel in Dublin on May 17th.

The AIM Awards cover the entire marketing spectrum and that includes the award for the best Digital Marketing Campaign.

Tech Connect Live – May 30th

Tech Connect Live is strictly speaking not a digital marketing event. That being said, it is the largest tech event of 2018 in Ireland, with more than 200 keynote speakers, 400 Irish and international investors and a thousand leading tech companies from around the world. The event is taking place on May 30th, at the RDS in Dublin.

The reason we are including Tech Connect Live on our list is the fact that one of the 20 conferences that will be held at the event is the National Sales and Marketing Summit, with over 50 speakers and many more delegates from a wide spectrum of business and tech areas.

Sockies – social media awards – early June

The Sockies have been around since 2015 and they have become one of the most important competitions in Irish digital marketing. More precisely, Sockies are all about social media and things are heating up for the 2018 edition.

The 2018 Sockies are still in the planning stage and organizers are still looking for sponsors for the event. The entry period has not yet started, and this is the perfect time to work on your entry.

In 2017, the Sockies were organized in major categories such as Facebook Categories, Twitter Categories, Mobile Categories, SME/Business Categories, Other Categories, Campaigns and Grands Prix; further divided into subcategories. It is expected that this year’s categories will be similar to those.

Make sure to keep an eye on future announcements from the Sockies team.

DigitalDNA  – July 19th and 20th

Digital DNA is coming back to Belfast and this year, it will be held on July 19th and 20th at St. George’s Market and it will once again bring all things digital to its attendees. From marketing to data, from security to fintech, from devops to techfogood, everything will be covered at Digital DNA, although for us, it will mostly be about marketing.

The speakers have not yet been announced, but past speakers at Digital DNA have included people from Slack, Virgin Media Business, Adobe, Hyper Island, YouTube, Google, Deloitte Digital and BAFTA, just to name a few.

While the event is not exclusively marketing-oriented, digital marketers will definitely find enough to keep themselves busy there for two days.

DigiMarCon – September 5th and 6th

The DigiMarCon Ireland 2018 Digital Marketing Conference is slated for September 5th and 6th and it will be held online, available both live and on-demand.

Some of the topics that will be covered will include content strategy, web experience management, mobile marketing, usability/design, customer engagement, targeting and optimization, social media, marketing automation, content marketing and more.

The speakers have yet to be announced, but past speakers promise a lot – Brian Cristiano, Diana Lucaci, Simon Kelly, Ronell Smith, Laurel Mintz, Trevor Crane and many others.

Amplify Digital Marketing Conference – Date Unknown

Very little is known about the 2018 Amplify Digital Marketing Conference, other than it will be held in Cork. It may seem silly that we have included this event on our list with this little information, but anyone who has attended the 2017 Amplify Digital Marketing Conference will understand why we couldn’t leave it out.

Just a quick glance at the names that spoke at last year’s edition is enough to get you excited: Ross O’Dwyer (Pundit Arena), Niall Harbison (Simply Zesty), Aoife McGuigan, Meabh Connellan, Beth Quigley, Steve Bartlett (Social Chain), Ken Nugent (RTÉ), Carol O’Kelly (Red Storm), Greg Fry, Jamie White (Leading Social).

You can rest assured that this year’s conference will also cover all aspects of digital marketing in more detail than you can handle.

Social Media Summit IRL – Date Unknown

Social Media Summit Ireland was a huge success in 2017, providing attendees with some amazing insights into social media marketing with a variety of speakers covering innumerable topics from the industry over the course of two days.

The 2018 Social Media Summit Ireland hasn’t got a date yet and the only thing we know is that it will take place at Croke Park, Dublin.

Still, we believe it is an event all digital marketers should have on their radar and you can rest assured we will keep you informed as more details are announced.

PANI Awards – Date Unknown

PANI, or the Publicity Association of Northern Ireland, is one of the oldest marketing and communications associations in the UK, established in 1958. Every year, they have organized the PANI Awards and 2018 will be no different.

There are no details on this year’s awards, but you should definitely keep an eye on them since they also give out awards for Digital. In fact, let us keep an eye on them for you and we’ll let you know when new details emerge.

I am sure I will have missed a few.  If you know of others that should be on this list just let me know and I will add.

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