Guest Blogging Service

Since Google Penguin and Panda, the best two sources for link popularity are guest blogging and outreach to bloggers.  The two are slightly different in that outreach would be more expensive and time-consuming – but usually provide higher quality posts.  However, both provide much higher quality referrals than almost any other source.

Due to the constantly changing SEO environment building, lots of low or medium quality links is not a good long term plan.  Too many websites have been penalised by Google for low-level link building. One of the consequences has been the cost of building good links has risen dramatically and requires very good content.

The service we offer here is guest blogging.

How Guest Blogging Can Help

  • Increase your revenue from increased referral traffic and search
  • Increase your visibility on the internet within your niche
  • Gain a greater audience within social media

Our Approach to Guest Blogging

  • We don’t pay for links.
  • We write great unique content for each post and ask other sites to publish it.
  • We publish on relevant blogs/ pages where possible.
  • Domain Authority of 10 or greater – this is a better metric than PageRank as it stops dropped domains being used.

We don’t want to duplicate the efforts you have already made.  Therefore within Google Webmaster Tools you can download all the current links to your site – just the domains list not all recent links.  You can upload this file from Google Webmaster Tools in excel or as a text or csv file below.  We will check your current links before posting on a new blog to avoid duplication.  If you don’t send us this file we will check your current links on – this is not a comprehensive as GWT.

How we Find Sites

Using search operator we search online for websites that accept guest posts.  E.g if you use this intitle:”guest post” insurance – this will return pages that have guest post together in the title of the page and the page is about insurance.  There are many other search operator which we use to include domain types, counties, etc.

Once we find sites, we write to the owner and ask them if we can write for them.  Yes = write the post and pass on the content for publishing, no = move onto the next website.

As you may expect because we have been communicating with bloggers over the last few years we have lists of websites that give us a head start.

We have a choice of packages.  If you are choosing a second package from us please let us know in the notes section at the bottom.  This way we can again work to avoid duplication.

  1. 5 posts                  €600
  2. 10 posts               €1,100
  3. 20 posts               €2,000

The metrics that we aim for are Domain Authority of 20+ and Trust Flow of 10+.  These are third party metrics that are commonly used since Google discontinued PageRank.

You will receive a weekly report.  The service takes a minimum of 7 days up to 30 days.  The minimum is there as we write all the content and compile a list of suitable blogs.

We are happy to work with web agencies to provide white label services.

Overly aggressive anchor text WILL get your site penalised by Google.  We have been using naked URL links to good affect recently or use “Company Name Keywords Combination”.