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Keyword Research for SEO and Adwords

Keyword research is the most important element in any SEO campaign. Google’s search results are based on keywords. Type them in, get the results. No research = no dependable keywords, no title tags, unfocused blog calendar, missing opportunities. Keyword research done right = easy planning, a list of content titles, services or products laser targeted, and security from knowing you are investing wisely. It is great being at the top of the search results.  But you can be at the top of Google’s search results [...]

E-book Marketing for Independent Authors

Marketing was always important for selling books and getting new authors in front of readers.  Due to the ease of publishing on Amazon Kindle eBook marketing for independent authors has become even more important. But where to start?  I have published one e-book, a travel guide, and in many ways getting in front of my audience was easy.  I had been running a website and a forum on the topic for ten years.  My email newsletter, at that time, went [...]

Google Penguin Update

UPDATE: According to Google the last manual update of Google Penguin started on Friday 23rd September 2016.  So far, I have not seen any effect in any Irish websites or SERPs that I am tracking, it may take a few weeks for the full roll out of the integrated algorithm. After many years of waiting for Panda and Penguin updates they will now run as part of the core algorithm.  It will be interesting to see if there are recoveries [...]

Google SEO Guide for Beginners

With all the negative news about Google SEO, you might think that Google does not recommend SEO. However, Google recommends SEO for your website – you can read the full documents here and here. This post is a synopsis of Google’s SEO guide for beginners. Google’s documentation is a 32 page guide – this is shorter and concise. Put Your Users First Often too much priority is optimising for Google and not for visitors.  This is the wrong way around.  Always optimise your [...]

Social Media for Financial Services Companies

So the boss attends a financial services event, hears that LinkedIn and Twitter are really valuable platforms to be on, and comes back to the office asking you to get the practice more established on social media. Now it’s your job as the Marketing Manager of the firm to launch the business on social media, and the thing is, you’re just not sure where to begin. It’s an all too common scenario being played out in financial services firms the [...]

The Cost of Links & Link Building

Links cost. It is that simple, there is no such thing as a free link. It is going to cost you time or money. So what is best for you – time or money? Why You Need Links from Other Websites A huge part of Google’s algorithm is based on the idea of citations used at universities.  When writing essays at university I had to provide sources and links to authority work that backed up my argument.  Google’s two founders took this model [...]

Travel SEO

Have you launched your travel site, but the visitor numbers are disappointing?  Or maybe your web site has been up for a while and you need to get more converting visitors. Travel SEO is no different from any other search optimisation and Google recommends SEO for all websites to help them understand the information on the site. I have worked with many travel websites since 2006 and the following are some of the issues I find, addressing these are the first [...]

Understanding Google Adwords Ranking

If you are setting up a Google Adwords advertising campaign for the first time I strongly suggest watching this video, (and hiring me…) It is too easy to watch your budget disappear quickly in Adwords without it providing a good return on your investment, therefore no matter the size of your budget it is worthwhile taking the time to setup your advertising campaign to get the highest return. Depending on your current knowledge this could take only a few hours [...]

An Introduction to Digital Marketing

The growth in online advertising spending is an area that all companies need to be aware of. According to Google the shift in media consumption from 2010 has been the following: 2010                           2014 TV viewing                 47%                            38% Digital / online          25%                            43% Radio                          22%                            16% Print                           5%                              4% This introduction to digital marketing is the blue print for all of my blog posts for the next while. Why you may ask would I layout how to setup your own marketing plan and explain all the [...]

How to Create a Small Business Digital Marketing Plan

A digital marketing plan is simply a plan that you will follow for a period of time to promote your business online. The idea behind creating a plan is sound, however deciding what to include can sometimes be daunting. The following will illustrate a simple online marketing plan that will fit most small company budgets. This plan is aimed at business to business companies, usually in services area.  Digital planning for B2C will take a bit more work. Decide on Your Budget [...]