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Link Building Strategies for E-commerce Sites

How is link building different for e-commerce sites? While the basic process of building links in itself works the same whether for e-commerce sites or any other sites, most SEO experts agree that e-commerce can be more difficult for one particular reason: It’s hard to get people to link to pages that have high commercial intent. Getting links to product pages can be even more challenging. Still, there are many good methods for scoring links to e-commerce sites. Here’s a number [...]


How to Create a Small Business Digital Marketing Strategy

The words “small business digital marketing strategy” do have a very serious ring to them, don’t they? Even a bit ominous, if you ask me. When embarking on the amazing journey of running a small business (with the hopes of one day running a large business) – you need to do a lot of prepping before you actually start doing business. As a friend of mine would put it: you need to hone the ax before you start chopping [...]

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The Truth about Building and Outsourcing Links

Chatting to a friend who also works in digital marketing a couple of months back, we got to talking about link building. 30 minutes into the conversation, I realized I was outlining a strategy for his business, and he was nodding and telling me he’d love to hire us – which was quite the opposite of the point I was trying to make. It quickly got me thinking – is link building really that difficult, or that boring, or just plain [...]


Cheap SEO – Is that what you want?

First off, no I don’t offer cheap SEO and this is not an ad for cheap services.  In fact I have a philosophical problem with any business that brands their services as cheap. Recently a client told me that their current SEO provider was cheaper and that they had various quotes that were also cheaper than my price.  So why did they engage me? Recommendations This is where all my new clients have come from during the last couple of years, so [...]

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Where to Start with SEO

Let’s imagine that you are a first-time webmaster or a business owner whose company is working on a new website. You have big plans for it, you have an unlimited number of ideas for the website and you really, really wish for it to both wow users and make conversions. While you are working on it, you are also doing your best to get informed and you soon realize that pretty much everyone is telling you to also keep in mind [...]


B2B SEO Case Study

We started working with this B2B service provider in February 2017.  In Jan of 2017, the website had around 400 visitors from Google, by Jan 2018 this was over 8,500 for the month. Cube started in February with an SEO and Content Audit.  Both audits resulted in a lot of work. The company had recently undergone a rebranding, changing the company name, and had moved the content from an older domain to a new domain.  The redirects from the old domain [...]

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List of Digital Marketing Events in Ireland in 2018

Digital marketing and its innumerable subdivisions are some of the most turbulent aspects of modern business and if you wish to stay in the loop, you really have to be fully committed. It feels that every day, a new tactic is discovered, a new tool makes its appearance, a new agency comes up with something paradigm-changing, and the list goes on and on. If you wish to stay on top of all things SEO & digital marketing, you have only [...]

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Write for Us

You will likely have found this page after searching for write for us or similar.  If you have you know the story regarding guest blogging. But, just in case you don’t the following are some guidelines. Send all requests to leslie (at) cubeseo (dot) ie Make a Friend Don’t be anonymous. Don’t expect a reply if you send me an email from an anonymous Gmail address and don’t tell me the website you are writing for – you are just wasting time – [...]


SEO Competition Research

Before starting to target any particular area online it is important to perform competition research first to find out as much information as possible.  These are the main areas I need to have information about: Is there traffic Who are your competitors? How much will it cost to compete? How long will it take to get to the first page of Google? Is There Search Traffic from Google? SEO is little use to a website that is selling a product that no-one has ever heard [...]


Organising SEO Tasks for Small Businesses

This is a question asked by Brian from on our Facebook page. Getting into a daily, weekly, monthly system of SEO tasks. Also getting a template for organising link building management. And lastly, wondering how much time should a small insurance broker invest in SEO we are totally new to the game. If you really want to profit from the investment you made in your website there is ongoing work that is never complete.   The work is intensive at the [...]