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You will likely have found this page after searching for write for us or similar.  If you have you know the story regarding guest blogging. But, just in case you don’t the following are some guidelines. Send all requests to leslie (at) cubeseo (dot) ie Make a Friend Don’t be anonymous. Don’t expect a reply if you send me an email from an anonymous Gmail address and don’t tell me the website you are writing for – you are just wasting time – [...]

Guest posting

Is Guest Post Outreach Just a Numbers Game?

When we are talking digital marketing and especially search engine optimization, the question of guest blogging simply has to be raised sooner or later. And perhaps more than is the case with anything SEO-related, everyone has their (usually very strong) opinion on guest blogging. The Complex Case of Guest Blogging One of the more important opinions on guest blogging has to be that of the biggest search engine in the world. Namely, Google’s own guidelines warn against guest blogging campaigns which [...]

SEO Checklist

How to Perform a Quick SEO Audit

An SEO audit is the first thing that you should do if you plan to boost your website’s search engine ranking and to fix most (if not all) SEO errors. An SEO audit can be an overwhelming task and it might need a lot of time but a quick SEO audit won’t take much of your time. It can be done quite easily with minimum tools. So why to conduct a quick SEO audit instead of a complete and detailed audit? Well, [...]

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The Anatomy Of A Great Ecommerce Website

The ecommerce world is a dog eat dog one. With consumers being presented with thousands of potential results for their search queries, the competitive landscape is fierce. In order to get the top spots on Google and succeed as an ecommerce business, you need to get surgical when it comes to understanding your audience and their needs. Pre-empting their search queries, answering their questions, and looking ahead to upcoming shopping trends should be on your agenda. Here are some [...]

mobile digital marketing

An Introduction to Digital Marketing for Businesses

The growth in digital online advertising and marketing spending is an area that all companies need to be aware of. According to Google, the shift in media consumption since 2010 has been the following: Chanel                        2010                         2014 TV viewing                 47%                            38% Digital / online          25%                            43% Radio                          22%                            16% Print                           5%                              4% This introduction to digital marketing is the blue print for all [...]

Increase Your Visitors Using a Content Audit and Re-Writing

Would you like more traffic to your website without having to think about new blog post ideas? Coming up with ideas to write about can be difficult. I want to make your life a bit easier while at the same time increasing the traffic to your website. It does involve work – unfortunately, in SEO there are no easy, work free fixes – no matter what you might read. This post is aimed at my clients who have started blogging on their [...]

Funding and Grants for New Businesses in Ireland

Funding and Grants for New Businesses in Ireland

According to the most recent Doing Business Rankings published annually by the World Bank, Ireland is the 18th most business-friendly country in the world. When we are talking only starting a business, things look even better for Ireland as it finds itself in the tenth place. And while starting a business in Ireland is easier and more straightforward than in the majority of other countries, it is still a complex process, especially when you don’t have the initial capital. The good [...]

How to Hire a Good SEO Company

SEO is all about Google. Sure, there are SEO experts who dabble in Bing or DuckDuckGo, but for the most part, search engine optimisation is about Google search and ranking as high as possible in Google’s search results. Because of this, it is always a good idea to go to the source when thinking about doing SEO or hiring an SEO company to help your business. The good news is that the folks who work at Google are actually very forthcoming with [...]

Keyword Research for SEO and Adwords

Keyword research is the most important element in any SEO campaign. Google’s search results are based on keywords. Type them in, get the results. No research = no dependable keywords, no title tags, unfocused blog calendar, missing opportunities. Keyword research done right = easy planning, a list of content titles, services or products laser targeted, and security from knowing you are investing wisely. It is great being at the top of the search results.  But you can be at the top of Google’s search results [...]

E-book Marketing for Independent Authors

Marketing was always important for selling books and getting new authors in front of readers.  Due to the ease of publishing on Amazon Kindle eBook marketing for independent authors has become even more important. But where to start?  I have published one e-book, a travel guide, and in many ways getting in front of my audience was easy.  I had been running a website and a forum on the topic for ten years.  My email newsletter, at that time, went [...]