SEO Tools & Software

Free SEO SoftwareIf you have started looking at learning SEO yourself you will know that everyone is after your money, almost every site you visit will be telling you about SEO tools you must have to get to the top and how these tools will do most of the work for you.  Invariably most of this is rubbish.

I recommend that you do not spend any money on SEO tools or software.  Certainly not at the start before you have learn what you need, how it will help, and checked that there is not a free tool that will do the same job.

I recommend several SEO software programs on the course, all of them are free.  I will show you how to use them and where to download them from.

Unless you are running a very large website or one in an extremely competitive area it is doubtful you will ever need to buy any SEO software.  We at Cube have invested heavily in SEO software but that streamlines our work flow and they are used every day.

Often paid tools also have a free version that will run a certain amount of times or works in a limited fashion, often these are more than enough.  Wait till you have completed our SEO course before buying any SEO software.