Website & Technical SEO Audit

Review TestimonialAn SEO audit can increase profits, decrease costs, and create a solid foundation for future growth.

This is the page for content audits.

The SEO audit is a full website review. The purpose is to find all technical problems that prevent higher ranking in Google.  Our website review lets you know exactly where you are right now.  The SEO audit process is a great benchmark for plotting future growth and outlining opportunities.  The review can include:

  • Competition research for 5 competitor websites
  • Link Review
  • Content Review
  • Find Broken Backlinks
  • Find Your Competitors Top Content
  • Identify Your Competitors Best Backlinks

However, I have never been contacted by anyone who just thinks “now is a good time to get that website checked”.  Every audit is the result of traffic drops, new marketing plans, lower conversions, a new website or redesign – essentially it’s because there is a problem.  As well as digging in to find these problems I also detail the solutions and let you know of a time scale for expected results after implementation.

Our audit is not generated by a software application, I write each report myself as I know every website is different.  We will use some SEO tools to gather information, like a spider to crawl your site and find technical errors.

The standard audit cost is €750, this is based on one full day preparing your report.  Included is a follow-up conversation of one hour to talk through all the issues highlighted in the review.

The Website Audit List

  • Structural and architecture problems with your website
  • Internal link structure, sitemap, (GWT)
  • Search rankings and competitors main keywords rankings
  • Title tags, other tags,  and descriptions:  relevance, length, unique
  • Webmaster tools & analytics
  • Canonical URL’s
  • Hosting, speed, indexing
  • Backlink checks
  • HTML Tagging
  • Robots.txt, htaccess advice, 301 redirects, orphans
  • Missed SEO opportunities
  • Estimated costs for Google Adwords Campaign
  • Competition research – 5 main
  • Keyword research

We aim to have your website audits sent to you within 7 working days.

Due to recent changes in Google Webmaster tools, it is very important that we have access, we will only need access for one or two days.  Click through rates are now given in GWT and this can give you the quickest return on investment.

It is a good idea to have a website audit completed before starting a link building campaign.

Contact us to arrange your SEO audit.